Issa Work In Progress.

So I started shooting my first subject A.K.A my roommate Greg last week and I edited the first handful of photos and added my own filtered spice to it. I think there’s potential with the neon lights. With his specific section of the series I wanted to focus on his dark, brooding personality and putting him into these very vibrant conditions. I don’t know maybe i’ll stick with it or go an entirely different direction with his portion of the series. untitled-2untitled-8untitled-11untitled-18


These are some shots from this past weekend and I think I got some good shots so far. I’m definitely going to shoot some more and do some reshoots but I think I’m finding what I want to really focus on which is just eerie scenery around the city of Cleveland.


So this is the final product of my color series for photo II. I completely scrapped the idea I had with neon lights and I think I’ll use that for another project when it comes to portraits. Everything didn’t work out the way I wanted so I went completely against what I said earlier in regards to not wanting to do nature….well i did nature. I think they came out pretty well, although I still kind of wished the neon color idea would’ve worked out. So with these pictures the main colors I wanted to focus on were the colors I think represents the season of fall. So I focused on Green, Yellow, and Red. I went to three different locations to shoot, I went to a marsh, a curving roadway and the metro parks. I wanted to also implement elements of the environments I was in to compliment these colors. As you’ll see the rustic red in the roadway picture goes with the red of the leaves, the green hash marks on the pathway and glowing sunlight goes with the yellow and green leaves and the red brick goes with the red leaves and also makes the green and yellow pop alittle more. I wanted a lot of saturation in these photos but not like a lot where it looked like a instagram filter, so I think I found a happy medium.

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